Cafe.VFX is a team of specialists specializing in photorealistic VFX production.

Cafe Group has highly specialized CG specialists.

Cafe.VFX, is a team that connects these specialists and sublimates them into even stronger brilliance.
The team can be freely composed, large or small, depending on the work.
This borderless team formation has the supple strength to fight alone or in a group.
We are confident that this flexibility will increase client satisfaction.

We have continued to accumulate video production technology related to virtual humans,
and are investing in the most advanced expressions in the industry.
Recently, “AI Misora ​​Hibari” shocked all over Japan. It’s CG was produced by us, Cafe.VFX.



Company Profile

Company Name
Cafe.VFX(In-House brand of AnimationCafe)
Koichi Kishimoto
Business contents
Planning and production of CG video work
(Movie,CM,Music video,VR,AR etc)

Our Brands

Management Company

Associated Company


Tokyo Head Office

3F, Sunroser-Daikanyama,11-6,
Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, 150-0033, Japan


Types of Employment :Full time employment, contract employment, or outsourcing
Benefits : Employee pension,health insurance,unemployment insurance,workers compensation insurance
Holidays : Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, Obon, New year’s Vacation
Allowances : Transportation expenses・nearby housing allowance

  • CG / VFX Producer
  • CG / VFX Production manager
  • CG / VFX Director
  • CG / VFX Artist

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about concept Photorealistic VFX.