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Cafe AI is a team dedicated to research, development, and advisory services related to AI in a wide range of fields.

We will provide unprecedented new value by connecting highly specialized professionals in the field of AI, not only in the area of content creation, but also in a wide range of other fields.


AI Sync

We centralize the collection of all information related to AI
and provide comprehensive support for our clients’ growth and success.

  • AI Research Report
    1. AI Research Report
    Gathers the latest information from more than 30 domestic and international media outlets

    Professionals in the AI field collect the latest information in the AI field from more than 30 domestic and international media and academic journals, select important information, and add supplementary information to keep up with AI industry trends.

    We introduce and explain not only current news, but also examples of AI applications by other companies, papers, new technologies, and topical tweets.
    We also provide information shared only within the industry and a deep dive into topics of interest based on this information.

    If you would like to request a service introduction document, please contact us using the contact form.

  • Consulting
    2. Consulting・Weekly MTG
    Professionals with expertise in the AI domain support problem-solving.

    Consulting:Our professional and experienced consultants provide one-stop support for your company’s AI implementation from planning, development, implementation, and operation.

    Weekly MTG: Based on the “AI Research Report,” our analysts with expertise in the AI domain will provide weekly news, reference cases, and topics of interest.
    We provide information shared only within the industry, accurate background supplements backed by our own network, and highly accurate trend forecasts to facilitate our clients’ understanding of the AI domain.

  • Desk Research
    3. Desk Research
    Desk Research by AI Professionals

    Our highly specialized and experienced researchers in the AI field will collect, organize, and list various information (competitors, case studies, etc.) scattered in the market according to the theme.

    We can also organize and analyze the market size/share/brand list/market trends in specific areas.

    If you would like to request a service introduction document, please contact us using the contact form.

Examples of companies that have introduced
AI Research Report
1) AI Research Report

– Weekly AI Research Report

2) Desk Research

– Research and analysis of precedents for AI-based PR videos

3) Consulting

– Weekly meetings with AI professionals
(Research Digging Deeper into the Report)

– Support for development and implementation of AI-based business efficiency systems

AI Sync provides the best output that matches your needs.
If you would like to request service introduction materials, please contact us from the following link.
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Company Profile

Company Name
Cafe AI (brand in ModelingCafe)
Koichi Kishimoto
Business contents
AI research, development and advisory services

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Tokyo Head Office

301, Sunroser-Daikanyama,11-6,
Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, 150-0033, Japan


Types of Employment :Full time and contract employees and outsourcing
Benefits : Employee pension,health insurance,unemployment insurance,workers compensation insurance
Holidays : Saturday,Sunday,holidays,Obon,New year’s Vacation
Allowances : Transportation expenses・nearby housing allowance

  • AI Researcher
  • AI Engineer

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