Venture Partners

Investment Criterion

Cafe Groupl invests in high synergy start-ups to provide support in building a future where everyone can actualize themselves and contribute to society with the power of creativity.
Since we place the highest priority on xR, we are focusing on 3DCG-related companies, xR platforms, IP, etc.
In addition to xR, we will also invest in fields such as communities, SDGs, and healthcare to promote a sustainable future society.


  • Cafe Group is a team of creators that has come together. It is a platform where people gather like a cafe and creativity sparks like a non-stop chemical reaction. We will continue to surprise the world with the power of creativity by supporting the creators who take risks and challenges.

  • Cafe Group is mainly engaged in xR related business. We are focusing on investing in companies that will play a significant part in the future virtual world industry.

  • We value people’s hopes and desires. Even if each one is a small force, it will become a strong force if the hopes and desires overlap. That is the fundamental driving force of the Cafe Group.

  • We value a global perspective. We support partners who challenge their limits, regardless of their nationality.

  • Cafe Group builds a creator-centered community in virtual and non-virtual community. We support community projects that enable people to demonstrate their abilities and work with security.

  • To actualize a sustainable society, working in line with the SDGs is an essential investment standard.



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