Who we are

Cafe Group is a creative team of highly skilled specialists from various fields. By combining that expertise, we provide new values that no one has ever seen.


“Create something awesome with creativity
Cafe Group is a team of creators that has come together.
It is a platform where people gather like a cafe and creativity sparks like a non-stop chemical reaction.
We will continue to surprise the world with the power of creativity by supporting the creators who take risks and challenges. We provide the creators a free platform where they can freely challenge themselves without being disturbed.


“Contribute to society with creativity”
Toward a future where everyone can achieve personal goals and contribute to society with the power of creativity.
With the singularity coming soon, simple labor will be replaced by machines and AI. Under such circumstances, what is the work that human beings really should do? What should humans do in an era when they don’t have to do simple work?
We believe that beyond the increase in consumption, the essential desire to help people remains, and the creative society and co-creation society are waiting for us to invest the surplus time in creative activities. The value of creators will increase more than ever, and the number of creators who want to be useful for society will increase.
Looking toward such a future, we at Cafe Group aim to increase the number of creators who can contribute to society by creating a society centered on creators.


“Beyond specialist”
From specialist to professional. The needs for CG and virtual technology are diversifying day by day. In such a environment, creators need more than just skill and technology.
Cafe Group is looking for professional-type human resources who can propose appropriate solutions accordingly to the issues and needs of clients.

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CafeGroup Co., Ltd.
Koichi Kishimoto
Non-Consolidated: 5, Consolidated: 380
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